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Specializing in:

Estate Planning

Family Law

Business Law

Trust Administration
Probate and Conservatorships
Real Estate Law
Business and General litigation
Collection Law




  • Trust Administration
  • Real Estate Law
  • Civil litigation
  • Collection Law



Burlington Office

Parker Office

For over 40 years, our firm has provided affordable legal services to individual and business clients. Our legal office combines the accessibility and attentiveness of a small firm with the experience and resources that are commonly associated with larger firms. Get help in all areas of the law from our Parker Colorado legal practice with attorneys who really care.

With offices in Parker Colorado and Burlington Colorado, the law office of Patricia Jo Stone helps clients with all aspects of the law in Parker, Burlington, Douglas County and throughout Colorado.


Our firm specializes in: 

Estate Planning - Family Law - Business Law

Trust Administration - Contracts - Probate and Conservatorships

Real Estate Law - Business and General litigation - Collection Law




Jo Stone is a Colorado native, whose grandparents were homesteaders in eastern Colorado. Jo has both her bachelors and masters degrees in English literature as well as her law degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. Jo's practice focuses on estate and business planning, although she also has an extensive background in litigation of all kinds, including commercial, business, and personal matters. Her diverse background and experience allows her to approach all legal matters in a very circumspect and comprehensive manner that is somewhat unique in relation to the narrowly-focused niche firms prevalent today. Jo’s diversity also allows her to develop long lasting relationships with a wide variety of clients who may need different legal assistance through the years.

In addition to practicing law, Jo is on the faculty of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Phoenix and has taught at a variety of other colleges and universities throughout her career in the areas of business and arts and sciences. Jo is an active member of the Rotary Club of Parker and has served as the Director of International projects, Director of Club Service, as well as holding various posts in Rotary District 5450. She is an active advocate of Rotary’s program to eradicate Polio worldwide. 

Outside of the office, Jo and her husband, Jim, enjoy spending lots of time with their large family, as well as writing, music and travel.


Jeanne Melberg is an Attorney at Patricia Jo Stone, P.C. who provides insight-driven representation to clients in our Parker office.
Keenly observant and analytical at a young age, Jeanne has an innate passion for examining people and situations to arrive at the truth.  She was born in Princeton, New Jersey and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
After earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Jeanne went on to earn a Master of Arts in English. Her love of analytical reading and writing led her to the University of Oklahoma College of Law where she earned her Juris Doctor. While in law school, Jeanne put her empathetic tendencies and advocacy skills to good use as a Court Appointed Special Advocate representing the interests of abused and neglected children. She is a strong proponent of trauma-informed education for attorneys and judicial officers. 
As an Attorney at Patricia Jo Stone, P.C., Jeanne is passionate about advocating for clients with difficult family law and probate matters. She understands the grief and overwhelm in which clients may find themselves during these times of transition and makes listening, guidance and problem-solving a priority. 
In her practice, Jeanne leverages her psychology background, litigation experience and fine-tuned scrutinization skills to provide personalized and pragmatic representation. She believes in being open and realistic to minimize surprises and works diligently to identify appropriate solutions based on each client’s particular needs. 
Outside of practicing law, Jeanne is dedicated to her family.  She enjoys oil painting, photography and all things from nature. 


Jonathan Shultz was the fourth and final addition to the growing family of Alfred V. and Velma J. Shultz during the “Summer of Love” in August 1967. Growing up in Topeka, Kansas, during the 1970s and 1980s, Jonathan learned a lot from his older siblings, his parents, and of course the teachers he had in school.

As an avid student, Mr. Shultz realized early on that reading and writing were two areas in which he excelled throughout his scholastic endeavors. He attributes these skills to the early influences of his older siblings – evidenced by the fact that, on Day 1 of his Kindergarten class, he was the only child who already knew the alphabet and could count from 1 to 100.

Although academically gifted, Jonathan was sometimes challenged in deciding what direction he wanted to take in life. When he learned that he was about to become a father for the first time, Jonathan decided first to pursue a Paralegal Certification, and then complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he procured his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Administration, with an emphasis in Management, in the year 2000. From there, Mr. Shultz continued to work as a paralegal even while embarking on his legal education at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, earning his juris doctor degree in 2006.

After representing bankruptcy clients for 13 years (11 years at his solo practice in Denver), Mr. Shultz ultimately left the bankruptcy business behind. Mr. Shultz was happy to find a new home at the law firm of Patricia Jo Stone, P.C., where he primarily enjoys working with probate and family law clients He has continued to offer clients the same high level of passionate, personal representation that they want and need. This past experience and learning from Jo Stone’s guidance and mentoring have helped Mr. Shultz become an even better attorney for his clients.


Originally from Buffalo, New York, Justin graduated cum laude from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and was admitted to practice in February 2005. Since admission, Justin has focused on estate planning, disability planning, probate, and trust administration, including aspects of real estate, tax law, elder law, closely-held businesses, and more. From the very beginning of his career, Justin has worked directly and closely with his clients. He excels at listening to their objectives, educating them on their options, and developing efficient plans and strategies tailored to each client's specific needs. These characteristics have helped Justin develop a solid reputation among the professional and local communities as a dependable and caring attorney, capable of handling difficult and complex situations.

Justin's practice has expanded to also serve clients in matters of family law, and civil litigation.

Outside of the office, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and trying in vain to take the energy "edge" out of his dogs throughout the diversity of Colorado's open space. If you want him to talk your ear off, ask him about rock climbing, fishing, skiing, or his wife's quarter-horse addiction.

Mr. Lico provides defense to debt collection companies and debt collectors sued in both federal and state court under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  Mr. Lico also assists companies with Attorney General compliance complaints, and assists companies in obtaining debt collection licenses and renewal concerns.  Mr. Lico is licensed in Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Idaho and is a member of ACA International and MapList.



Nikki Spasova is a highly qualified individual who comes from Bulgaria, a small and picturesque country in Europe. She obtained her Bachelor's degrees in Hospitality and Accounting and a Master's degree in International Relations from a prestigious university in Bulgaria. Her academic background and work experience have provided her with a great deal of knowledge and expertise in her field. Nikki is well known for her excellent customer service skills and her ability to resolve any issues with ease. She has a friendly and professional demeanor that makes her a valued member of our team.

Nikki has been working at our front desk for  18 months, and her dedication and hard work have been recognized by everyone in the office. Her willingness to learn, grow, and take on new responsibilities has been a great asset to our firm.

Overall, Nikki is a remarkable individual who has made a significant contribution to our firm. Her excellent work ethic, outstanding interpersonal skills, and willingness to learn and grow make her an invaluable member of our team.


Emily oversees client relations and firm administration with the firm. She works at the Burlington, Colorado office. She has two decades of experience in human resources, client relationship management, marketing, training, and executive management. Emily has a Bachelor of Science from Regis University and a Master of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University. She is a doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University in Psychology with specializing in human cognition and instruction.

In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with family, including her four grown children. She enjoys raising ducks and chickens, walking and playing with her two dogs Velma and Blue, weight lifting, running and yoga.


Ben Erickson is a highly skilled Office Manager who currently works at the Burlington office for Patricia Jo Stone, PC. With years of experience in executing administrative tasks, Ben is a valuable asset to the firm. His primary responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operations of the Burlington office and preparing transfer documents for estate plans.

When he is not busy managing the office, Ben dedicates his time to his passion for organic farming. He is one of the co-founders of a business that grows organic vegetables, herbs, and fish, providing fresh and quality produce to the local community. Ben and his brothers and cousin are committed to promoting healthy food choices and sustainable farming practices.

Apart from his work and farming, Ben has a keen interest in music and singing. He is a talented musician who enjoys playing guitar and singing in his free time. Ben is a friendly and approachable person, always willing to lend a helping hand to his colleagues and friends.


Parker, Colorado Office

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Suite 200, 

Parker, CO 80138

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Burlington, Colorado Office

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Burlington, CO 80807 

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