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Big Win on Landlord/Tenant Case

Attorneys Jason Kennedy and Katie Kendrick are fierce litigators. They recently represented tenants in a four (4) day trial over a landlord/tenant dispute and obtained a very favorable jury verdict of $102,227.54 for our clients! In addition, the defendant was ordered to pay all costs and attorney fees. After their landlord failed to promptly and properly remediate a mold infestation and refused to return their security deposit, Jason and Katie persuaded the jury that the landlord not only constructively evicted the tenants by breaching the warranty of habitability but also that the landlord kept the tenants’ security deposit in bad faith, subjecting the landlord to trebled damages and attorneys’ fees. The jury, outraged by the landlord’s conduct, also awarded $25,000 in emotional distress damages and awarded $50,000 in exemplary damages! Please contact the attorneys at Patricia Jo Stone, PC if you are in need of outstanding trial advocacy!

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